There is something about a new, empty journal that says, “Take me home and pour out your soul onto my pages.” It further entices with your favorite cover colors, images, and textures. Like a pet that gives you comfort and longs for attention, it does require feeding, but no poop scooping.

Documented evidence proves that journaling relieves stress, improves mood, boosts memory, and helps you set and achieve goals. It’s a valuable tool to allow escape from outside pressure and move inward to express thoughts, jot down memories, practice gratefulness, or chronicle your journey through an exciting locale.

Many notable people in history journaled. The world benefited from their shared thoughts and experiences. Where would we be if Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci, Anne Frank, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein hadn’t written down their ideas, knowledge, trials, and triumphs?

Your journal can be neat and organized or messy and chaotic. Write, sketch, or practice calligraphy. There are no rules dictating that you journal in a certain way. The universe is the limit!

Save the completed journal as precious thoughts or burn it to release painful stuff you no longer have room for in your life. It’s your choice–you can’t say that about many things!

*The purple phoenix pen in the image was made for me by my woodturning husband, Steve. He can be contacted at

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